About Our Company

HYDROFIT, an ISO 9001 -2015 certified company, based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, provides the widest range of Hydraulics, pneumatic, Lubrication Supply & Engineering Services to Marine, Oil & Gas, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics all over the Middle East.

We are specialized in Design, Trouble Shooting, Overhaul, Test and Supply of all Hydraulics, Oil & Grease Lubrication systems and Engineering services.

'Hydrofit' group has got several branches spanned over the entire Middle East region. Our mission is to serve the diverse requirements of various industries located across the Kingdom. Through a range of multi- dimensional services, Hydrofit addresses the needs of the Oilfield, Marine, Transportation, Construction & Material Handling and Manufacturing Industries.

'Hydrofit' provides technical expertise primarily in Hydraulic Fluid Power Transmission and General Engineering covering Sales and Marketing, Design and Fabrication, Installation and Commissioning, Onsite hydraulic services and repairs and maintenance

'Hydrofit' have established its state of the art facility in Dammam complete with an integrated Hydraulic equipment overhaul workshop, fabrication yard & machine shop facility.

We are able to provide a variety of hydraulic related services on 24/7 basis, which meet the stringent requirements of Quality and timely Delivery.

Our Services

  • Troubleshooting, Survey and Repairs for all Industrial & Mobile Hydraulic Equipment
  • Supply, Installation & Flushing of Hydraulic & Grease & Oil lubrication pipes, Hoses & related fittings
  • Design, Manufacture, Installation, Startup & Commissioning of Engine / Electric Motor driven Hydraulic power packs & control valve stands.
  • Supply, Overhaul, & Test of Hydraulic components and related Spare parts
  • Repairs of Hydraulic Cylinders
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